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About Linda Barry

About the Artist, Linda Barry


Linda Barry, a beautiful and talented woman, was born in 1953 and discovered the joy of artistic creativity at the early age of five.  Creative expression became an integral part of her life from then on until her passing in 2010.  Linda used many mediums to create her works of art: acrylic paints, pastels, colored pencils, pen & ink, music, written words, fabric and more.  She was especially fond of creating pieces with the use of graphite pencil.

It was one of Linda's biggest dreams to share her work with those that were moved by them.  Yet at the same time she found it quite difficult to do so as her art was very much a part of her.  As a result of this struggle few pieces of her extensive portfolio were shared, let alone ever sold until 2008 when a very specific theme started to emerge.  It was then that Linda began creating beautiful Angels which seemed to have a greater purpose than she ever experienced before.  These Angels were radiating messages of love. 

It was then that Linda asked me, her daughter, to help her get what she called her Intuitive Angel Art "out there."  I accepted and supported her desires in any way I could.  It is now with great honor and pleasure that I continue to carry her dream forward, to bring her Angels "out there" for the world to see.  I trust you will feel the messages of Love as delivered for you by these Angels brought forth through Linda in her Intuitive Angel Art collection.

With deepest Love & Infinite Gratitude ~ Megan