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About Megan


About Megan


Often the unplanned and seemingly “bad” occurrences in life also carry the biggest blessings when you look for them. Like many, I’ve experienced the bumps and bruises life can deliver. For me I decided that after many years of trying to ignore, forget or even deny the things that had happened in my past it was time for a change. I started by being honest with myself and decided to take responsibility for my own actions, reactions and happiness. This allowed me to start making the necessary changes to let go of what wasn't working and find what would work better. Some things were easier to change than others. Some I could do “on my own” and some I needed more support with (thanks to all you Earthly and Heavenly Helpers). These changes didn’t happen overnight and I’m not done yet but I do my best every day to make the choice to be inspired by my past instead of being defined by it.

Through my efforts to create more joy-filled life I discovered others were finding inspiration from my actions and my dedication to the process. What a gift to realize that there was a greater purpose to the good as well as the “bad” things I had experienced in my life's existence. One such “bad” experience that held an incredible blessing was getting laid off 3 times in a row in a 2 year time-frame. Having plenty of free-time while job-hunting I pulled out my supplies to a life-long hobby of jewelry-making that had previously been tucked away.

My “hobby” quickly became something more when I showed several pieces to my mother and a few of her friends, asking, “Do you think anyone would actually buy these?” It happened to be the month of December in 2009 and I left her house with little jewelry in tow…it was then I realized my creations, with their little inspirational messages of love, were about to take me in a new direction. I was working more in line with my life’s purpose and I was feeling Happy!

Here on this website I have gathered some of the key elements I use everyday to be able to live closer in line with my Intended Being rather than farther away. I trust many of these components can also assist others. Whether you are quickly drawn to a certain item or need support in knowing what might be helpful for you, just contact me, I welcome you to come play, have some fun and live as Intended...Happy!

With Warm Wishes of Happiness Always, Megan

~ Megan grew up in New Jersey and moved to Ohio to study Exercise Science & Sports Management, with a minor in Nutrition, at The University of Dayton. Though a self-proclaimed "Ocean Lover" Megan now lives on the fresh-water shores of Lake Erie in Lakeside Marblehead, Ohio an area known as Vacationland. Megan and her husband Brandon, along with the family, run a lakefront service marina; Lakeside Yacht Service & Storage, LLC. ~

*Though jewelry creations may often be duplicated, every stone is unique and slight variations may occur.  Due to special cuts and styles of stones, pieces are on a first come first serve basis and cannot be guaranteed in stock or able to be re-created once out of stock.  The information provided with each piece of jewelry is of a general nature to help you in your quest for emotional and spiritual well-being.  In the event you use any of the information provided for yourself, which is your right and free will, Megan assumes no responsibility for your actions.