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Distance Sessions

While all Reiki practitioners are taught to perform distance sessions by either writing a person’s name on an index card, so to “hold” a person in their hands, or to place their hands on a stuffed animal (like a bear) to work on the person during the session, Megan has developed her own variation. Megan conducts the distance session by drawing pictures while working with a person (loved one, pet, place or event). Initially this was to help Megan stay focused on a person and eliminate distractions but it resulted in something much more wonderful when she started to share the pictures with those that she had been working on. learn more..

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In Person Session


A Reiki session is private and confidential. It is a time for a person to discuss the areas in their life they want to focus on for discovering, releasing, healing and/or celebrating during the session itself. Some people share a lot, some only a little. Either way there is no judgement made by Megan as she only wants to create a safe place for the individual to feel peace. Then the Reiki begins and is followed by any additional discussion as needed.

In-Person Reiki Sessions are currently held at Megan’s home in Lakeside-Marblehead, Ohio. Please contact her for directions.